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Tensions? Diverse perspectives? A lack of information or trust? With a long history in advocacy, we possess the necessary experience to resolve conflicts between shareholders or board members.

Corporate governance underpins what we believe in: choosing the right structure for your company in which transparent communication prevails and roles are respected in order to work together in trust.

Whether it concerns a valuation of your shares or your company, cash flow planning or financial analysis, at deminor NXT we make sure your numbers add up. We transform your strategic vision into a comprehensive financial business plan.

Deminor NXT manages transactions in an orderly manner thanks to the combined legal, tax and financial expertise of an experienced M&A team. Whether the subject covers an acquisition, family succession, exit, capital increase or even another form of financing, we always strive for an objective valuation, where value maximisation and solid agreements serve as the foundation.

What is next? We listen to your questions or needs around your personal wealth and guide you through the next steps. As your companion down the road , we provide you with a tailor-made structure.

Analysis of investment opportunities

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Investing in your company or allocating private assets for investment holds immense significance for the future. Naturally, the decision to invest is not taken lightly; thorough analysis is a prerequisite.

With an investment analysis we map out the profitability of your investment by comparing the expected cash flows with the costs and risks. We use various analysis methods – such as payback period, Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), internal rate of return or breakeven analysis. We then compile and combine the results of those analyses, empowering you to make a well-informed investment decision.

Questions you may be asking yourself

What are the potential risks and returns of the investment I am considering?
What factors and variables should I consider when evaluating an investment opportunity?
Is there sufficient information and data available to conduct a thorough analysis and make an informed decision about this investment?
How can an investment analysis help me assess the financial viability and profitability of the investment?
What other investment opportunities are there and how can an investment analysis help me compare and prioritise the different options?

The financial experts at deminor NXT are ready to take a closer look at your potential investement opportunities with you. They identify the key variables and use appropriate analysis methods, giving you a solid basis to support your decision.

After a thorough investment analysis, you can make the right investments by feeling more informed and with confidence.

Situations you may find yourself in

You want to invest in a sustainable energy project but are uncertain about the potential returns and risks.
You want to automate your company's production process to strengthen your future market position. You are considering buying (expensive) sophisticated machines to do so. Therefore, you want to assess the payback period of that investment and whether "it is worth it".
As your children prepare to embark on higher education, leaving the familial abode, a strategic consideration emerges: whether to opt for renting a student room or investing in real estate. Which choice holds long-term advantages.
You aspire to expand your company into new markets or take it to an international level. However, you currently lack comprehensive insights into the market potential, operational expenditures, associated risks and anticipated returns, linked to such expansion initiatives.

Our approach

Step 1

We hold an exploratory discussion to understand the nature, expected return and risk tolerance of the desired investment.

Step 2

We collect the relevant information about the investment, including financial data, market trends, competitive analysis and economic indicators that could potentially impact the decision-making process.

Step 3

We apply appropriate investment analyses and techniques to identify the pros and cons of the investment. We visualise these in a detailed report, with an overview of the findings, the applied methodology and a conclusion on the viability of the investment.

Step 4

We discuss the report and provide you with advice and recommendations based on the investment analysis carried out.

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