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Tensions? Diverse perspectives? A lack of information or trust? With a long history in advocacy, we possess the necessary experience to resolve conflicts between shareholders or board members.

Corporate governance underpins what we believe in: choosing the right structure for your company in which transparent communication prevails and roles are respected in order to work together in trust.

Whether it concerns a valuation of your shares or your company, cash flow planning or financial analysis, at deminor NXT we make sure your numbers add up. We transform your strategic vision into a comprehensive financial business plan.

Deminor NXT manages transactions in an orderly manner thanks to the combined legal, tax and financial expertise of an experienced M&A team. Whether the subject covers an acquisition, family succession, exit, capital increase or even another form of financing, we always strive for an objective valuation, where value maximisation and solid agreements serve as the foundation.

What is next? We listen to your questions or needs around your personal wealth and guide you through the next steps. As your companion down the road , we provide you with a tailor-made structure.


MAR 2024

Fundraising for startups

For startups, fundraising is often a critical milestone on the journey to success. However, with the right approach and preparation, startups can increase their chances of securing the funding they need to thrive.

JAN 2024

An exit transaction of a (minority) shareholder.

Without proper preparation and thoughtful roadmap, there will be no exit under the best conditions.

DEC 2023

Succession in your company

For entrepreneurs who still need to make changes to their articles of association before the end of 2023, it is recommended to think about a succession scenario in case they become (temporarily) incapacitated or go missing, in addition to the mostly purely terminological changes.

NOV 2023

Debate evening deminor NXT - Ghelamco Arena Ghent

Transactions between shareholders. The art of value creation.

NOV 2023

Don't be an outsider on 1 January 2024!

If your company is not among the 37.6% of companies (figures as at 30/06/2023) that have already aligned their articles of association with the CCA, it’s imperative to take prompt action! The deadline of 31/12/2023 is approaching fast!

NOV 2023

Survey on (startup) valuation methods

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, dups (deminor for sstartups) and BeAngels are teaming up for a survey on startup valuation.

OCT 2023

What WACC for my startup?

The “Weighted Average Cost of Capital” (WACC) refers to the cost to a company of obtaining financing both from investors in the form of equity, and from banking institutions in the form of debt or other banking instruments (e.g. bonds).

OCT 2023

Debate evening deminor NXT Brussels: 12 October 2023

Cession of a participation. Is the discount a taboo or a reality?

OCT 2023

Jan Baptist Cooreman becomes partner in deminor NXT

The partners of deminor NXT are pleased to announce that Jan Baptist Cooreman (36) has become a partner of Deminor nv.

SEP 2023

Avoid conflicts between shareholders

5 things to keep in mind when entering into a partnership

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