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Tensions? Diverse perspectives? A lack of information or trust? With a long history in advocacy, we possess the necessary experience to resolve conflicts between shareholders or board members.

Corporate governance underpins what we believe in: choosing the right structure for your company in which transparent communication prevails and roles are respected in order to work together in trust.

Whether it concerns a valuation of your shares or your company, cash flow planning or financial analysis, at deminor NXT we make sure your numbers add up. We transform your strategic vision into a comprehensive financial business plan.

Deminor NXT manages transactions in an orderly manner thanks to the combined legal, tax and financial expertise of an experienced M&A team. Whether the subject covers an acquisition, family succession, exit, capital increase or even another form of financing, we always strive for an objective valuation, where value maximisation and solid agreements serve as the foundation.

What is next? We listen to your questions or needs around your personal wealth and guide you through the next steps. As your companion down the road , we provide you with a tailor-made structure.

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About deminor NXT

Whether it concerns a small question, a complex transaction, a family-related conflict, or even an extensive search for a tailor-made solution, you can count on a hands-on and determined partner at your side. As your partner of the route, we guide you from A to Z, until the desired outcome is achieved. In doing so, we rely on our many years of experience and on a strong team of experts who share the same passion. Our achievements prove that we know what we are talking about. We give clients what they need and not necessarily what they ask for . After all, we are not mere yes-men, but determined go-getters with our hearts focused on your best interests.

Our approach

As experts in negotiating and protecting as well as advising shareholders, directors, investors and entrepreneurs, we do not only listen to the interests of our clients, but we also put ourselves on the other side of the table. Should a conflict nevertheless arise, we will do everything possible to avoid court proceedings. How? By turning each shareholder’s monologue into an open dialogue. We take control of the conversation and ensure that the voice of our clients is heard.

In a nutshell, we…

analyse the context and your position

engage with all parties

present an effective strategy

implement that strategy together

detail the achieved result in concrete terms

First-hand experiences

To respect the confidentiality and discretion of our cases, the identity of our clients or the companies’ names cannot be disclosed. Several clients however, are willing to testify on an individual basis about their cooperation with deminor NXT in a personal interview. Interested in their story? Then feel free to send us an email using the button below.

Our values
in words


This concerns the core of our identity. We are completely independent of external influences and determine our own direction. That way we can stand up for any party.


We believe that every party should be treated with respect and left in its dignity. Business reality goes in harmony with human reality. Therefore, at deminor NXT, injustice is fought with vigour.


We take responsibility towards our customers and employees. In this way, we feel responsible for the consequences of our actions and don’t leave anyone behind when the going gets tough. We only defend positions that are in line with our own values and are willing to convince our customers of this.

Our team, your partners

Pierre Nothomb
Bernard Thuysbaert
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pierre-Alexis Léonard
Executive Partner
Jan Baptist Cooreman
Executive Partner
Thibaut Claes
Executive Partner
Paul Borghgraef
Stéphanie Abiraad
Legal Counsel
Johan Lusanga Luntumbue
Project Manager
Wim Van der Meiren
Corporate Finance Project Manager
Jasper Durbin
Financial Analyst
Esphan De Greef
Legal Counsel
Pieter Timmerman
Senior Legal Associate
Jean-Baptiste Duchesne
Corporate Finance Expert
Louis Vanheurck de Tornaco
COO – dups
Gauthier Davignon
Legal Counsel – dups
Annick Van Overstraeten
Magali Deville
Communications Coordinator
Jean-François Cats
Stéphanie Kervyn de Meerendré
Finance & HR Consultant
Mélissa Osorio-Rodriguez
Management Assistant
Erik Bomans
Non Executive Director
Pierre Nothomb
Bernard Thuysbaert
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Pierre-Alexis Léonard
Executive Partner
Jan Baptist Cooreman
Executive Partner
Thibaut Claes
Executive Partner
Paul Borghgraef

Our team consists of experienced colleagues from various disciplines: lawyers, economists, financial analysts, experts in corporate governance and family businesses. Is very specific expertise needed? Then we also collaborate with several external partners.

Milestones in our history

At Deminor Shareholder & Governance Services hebben, we have always believed that tradition and innovation are in balance. Therefore, after years of building on the rich history of the Deminor brand, we decided to bring a breath of fresh air to our brand. From a broader perspective, as deminor NXT, we offer a stronger service package with more options.

While respecting the past, we are now looking to the future.

– Bernard Thuysbaert, CEO

Get in touch

Do not hesitate to send us a message: we are happy to listen to your questions and will do our utmost to answer it quickly and comprehensively. You can also choose to visit us in person in Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp. If necessary, we will put you in touch with the right experts.