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Tensions? Diverse perspectives? A lack of information or trust? With a long history in advocacy, we possess the necessary experience to resolve conflicts between shareholders or board members.

Corporate governance underpins what we believe in: choosing the right structure for your company in which transparent communication prevails and roles are respected in order to work together in trust.

Whether it concerns a valuation of your shares or your company, cash flow planning or financial analysis, at deminor NXT we make sure your numbers add up. We transform your strategic vision into a comprehensive financial business plan.

Deminor NXT manages transactions in an orderly manner thanks to the combined legal, tax and financial expertise of an experienced M&A team. Whether the subject covers an acquisition, family succession, exit, capital increase or even another form of financing, we always strive for an objective valuation, where value maximisation and solid agreements serve as the foundation.

What is next? We listen to your questions or needs around your personal wealth and guide you through the next steps. As your companion down the road , we provide you with a tailor-made structure.

Screening the numbers

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Too many entrepreneurs still manage their business with too limited view of the development of results, the evolution of the balance sheet or the cash flow planning. Moreover, many managers in SMEs hardly know their key figures.

Running a business based on gut feeling entails risks, because people are not sufficiently aware of the financial impact of each policy decision. Moreover, you may not consult enough with industry peers to determine whether you are achieving similar results. As a result, you underestimate certain risks, such as excessive dependence on large customers, suppliers or structural partners.

When management has a good understanding of all key figures, it manages employees properly and relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be determined to bring aboard employees in realising the objectives of the company. Employees need crystal-clear and measurable objectives more than ever. In this way, entrepreneurs create a form of ownership with their colleagues, which today can be an important asset to retain talent.

Questions you may be asking yourself

How are my profit margin and cash flow evolving? And how do they compare with those of the competition?
Is my business not too dependent on large customers and/or suppliers?
How strong is my balance sheet? How much can I still borrow from the bank and what is my repayment capacity?
How can I better track my cash flow planning, at least on a monthly or quarterly basis?
Why are my profit margins much lower than those we calculated in internal costing?
How do I define my normalised EBITDA ?
What are my company's financial targets? And how do I translate them into crystal-clear, measurable KPIs for my employees?

Deminor NXT helps you gain a better understanding of your business and your policies. There are numerous perspectives that are relevant here: the quality and distribution of your turnover and your sales market, the strength of your balance sheet position, the profitability of your activities per market or per product and service segment, the effectiveness of your cost calculation, and so on.


We do not see the above elements as snapshots, but rather as a recurring necessity. Therefore, we can also help you create financial dashboards that stand the test of time.

We give you insight into…

Financial analysis

your key ratios, such as solvency, liquidity, profitability and added value

your revenue drivers and cost items

your cash flows and targeted cash flow planning

your capital and financing structure

your budgets and investment opportunities

your annual value creation

Our approach

Step 1

We collect your financial figures, and all relevant data about your company and the sector as well as the market in which it operates.

Step 2

We interpret these figures based on detailed annual accounts, possible budgets or concrete business plans.

Step 3

We examine the evolution of your key figures and determine together with you what your main points of attention as well as the most relevant financial KPIs are.

Step 4

We provide the management or board of your company with a comprehensive report with our findings and with the necessary recommendations.

Get in touch

Do not hesitate to send us a message: we are happy to listen to your questions and will do our utmost to answer it quickly and comprehensively. You can also choose to visit us in person in Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp. If necessary, we will put you in touch with the right experts.